We have adopted Agile methodology and we rely on Scrum in the product delivery.

In short: The first step is to have all requirements clearly defined in the form of User Stories and Epics (groups of related user stories), and stored in the Product Backlog. The work is then organised in fortnightly periods called Sprints. Before a new sprint starts, the Product Owner (the voice of the customer) clearly specifies and estimates top priorities which are then organised in tasks and completed within the sprint. By following this method, both sides ensure that there is a potentially shippable product increment after every sprint.




Requirements analysis

Project charter

Contracts that define roles, copyright and financial points

Gain access to servers and build folder structure

Determine required software and resources (stock photography, fonts, etc.)

>Design & Development

>Design & Development

Wireframe and design elements planning

Mock-ups based on requirements analysis

Review and approval cycle

Slice and code valid XHTML/CSS

Build development framework.

Code templates for each page type.

Develop and test special features and interactivity.

Fill with content.

Test and verify links and functionality.

Testing & Deployment

Testing & Deployment


Transfer to live server


Final cross-browser check (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

>Support & Maintainance

>Support & Maintainance

Hand off to client

Provide documentation and source files

Project close, final documentation